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Club votes to move to the Nidderdale league from 2022

20th June, 2021

Following a meeting to discuss the Club's league future (effective from next season), a vote was held with two options on the table:

  • Remain in the Leeds and Wetherby league

  • Apply to join the Nidderdale league

The outcome was unanimous; all those present on the call voted to join the Nidderdale league.

What happens next? A formal application has been submitted and, pending acceptance from the Nidderdale league management committee, the Senior and Junior teams will begin life in the new league from 2022. Nidderdale have indicated they'd welcome our application but would delay announcing which league the 1st XI would join (they have 7 divisions, with 12 teams in each). 

Why have we voted to move? The main reason is the Leeds and Wetherby league is declining; many clubs have left in recent years, resulting in less competitive divisions and a poorer standard of play and grounds we play at. The Nidderdale league has more depth, a strong junior and development set-up, and more Clubs who have similar values to ours. We collectively felt the Nidderdale league gives us better future opportunities for both the senior and juniors teams.

We welcome feedback on this decision ... get in touch directly or use the Contact form in the 'About the Club' section.

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