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What's the latest on the rebuild of the pavilion?

18th November, 2019

The Club submitted the application for funding to Sport England (SE) in March 2019. In June we were informed that we had made it past the first hurdle, the application would now go to decision panel. They rejected the application on the basis that it appeared to favour a single sport and the main area for providing funding is in inner cities.

Following a feedback discussion with the SE Investment manager, it was suggested that we resubmit the application with letters of support from other users of the proposed Clubhouse and Grounds. The application was resubmitted in August, with letters of support from Harrogate Nova, a cycling club based in Harrogate, Wetherby Runners Athletic Club and the local school.

This revised application was rejected two weeks ago with feedback that the area we are in does not significantly target deprived areas, low income socio groups, older and disabled people, kids and ladies.

After explaining to the Investment Manager how many boys and girls were involved in the cricket section, the cycling track was geared towards young people etc etc, he has said that any further application needs to make this clearer.

Meanwhile the Club has been in discussion with the English Cricket Board (ECB) about funding for quite some time. In 2019 there was no money available from them for any facilities funding, the new TV deal with SKY and BBC starts in 2020. This deal is worth £1.1bn over 5 years and a large proportion is earmarked for grass roots cricket. Each County has to put forward recommendations to the ECB about facilities funding in each of the next 5 financial years. The ECB is expected to have met with all the Counties and agreed a sum for each by the end of January 2020.

The Club has been working and will continue to work with Yorkshire County Cricket to get funding towards the new Clubhouse. Unfortunately due to the timings mentioned above, we will not be in a position to have a new Clubhouse for the 2020 season. It is also a requirement of the ECB funding that the Clubhouse has to be of a certain size.

In the unlikely scenario of no funding being made available from the ECB, the Club with its existing funds will look to build a smaller Clubhouse.

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